How to Begin Ending All Psychological Problems


We all experience anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, uncontrollable desire, a deep sense of inadequacy in ourselves and various other kinds of psychological problems, and seemingly no one has an answer to it.

So, can I begin to solve all your psychological problems in a short article. . . for FREE!?

Let’s find out. . .

Now, at present we already respond to our problems in various ways. These responses may make the problem more bearable in the short term but don’t solve the problem in the long term, and this means that the problem remains with us throughout our lives. Therefore, we must begin by understanding why these responses don’t work because if we don’t know why they don’t work then we’ll keep on doing them, right?

So, how do we respond to our problems?

When anxiety, loneliness, fear, and so on, arises we:

  1. Desire to move away from the problem: this is escape.
  2. Desire to keep away from the problem: this is avoidance.
  3. Desire to lower the intensity of the problem: this is suppression.
  4. Abstract the problem into an idea and think about it: this is analysis.
  5. Rationalise the problem.

What do each of these have in common, because this common factor is the factor responsible for their failure to solve our psychological problems?

Each of these responses result in us distancing ourselves from the problem.

We do this because the pain we experience is deemed too difficult to bear and so we act to sever our contact with the expression of the problem. For example:

  • When we are anxious, we may try to act confidently in order to suppress it.
  • When we feel overweight, we may avoid mirrors.
  • When we are lonely, we may escape to a club or pub.

When contact with our problems is severed, learning about those problems is denied. Here we stagnate psychologically and are then left to repeat the same problematic behaviour over and over again – and we do, we re-experience it day after day.

So, is there a totally different way to deal with our problems?

Instead of distancing ourselves from our problems, is it possible just to remain with them, to remain observing these disturbing experiences even when all you want to do is run away?

You must find this out for yourself; I cannot answer it for you.

Find out if it is possible to remain observing the expressions of anxiety, loneliness, or guilt and discover what consequences this silent perception of oneself has.

It is your life.

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