Project-Robin-HoodPurpose: To facilitate the transition of wealth to the poor, not to the lazy.

The idea is to find one high quality individual from the Third World and bring that person to the UK to earn money. That wage will then pay for that person’s own living expenses as well as two other things:

  1. Improvements to the living conditions in that person’s native country.
  2. Access for three more individuals to come to the UK to earn money

Once a certain monetary limit has been reached the first person’s financial obligation will end and he or she will be free from the process. It will now be the responsibility of each of the other three to continue the same process.

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Project-LanternPurpose: To make Silent Perception a centre for modern-day independent self-enquiry.

I envision a place where like-minded people can gather to discuss and explore essential questions about the mind – a hub of high-quality non-textbook philosophers; a collection of self-perceivers.

This will enable people who have an interest in understanding the real, deep and subtle workings of the mind to feel that it is right and sensible to acknowledge the importance of these questions and not feel crazy for asking them

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Project-Mind-MapPurpose: To build a map of the mind diagrammatically rather than with words.

As I come to understand various processes of the mind, I will create diagrams that illustrate these processes. I feel that this undertaking will allow for much clearer comprehension when people refer to my books, articles and videos in the future.

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Project-OpportunityPurpose: To create a syllabus that can be taught in schools regarding the importance, significance, necessity and consequence of observing thought.

I consider our psychological structure to be the basis of all our behaviour. As a result, I consider the understanding of that behaviour, the understanding of ourselves, to be incredibly important. The understanding of ourselves is a topic worthy for inclusion in mainstream education and I believe that the perception of ourselves should be taught alongside psychology.

A willingness to observe ourselves and remain with the fact has great implications for the extent to which one is dependent or independent. Awakening an independent self-perceptive attitude will have great consequences for an individual’s behaviour. It will result in that person behaving in a manner he or she considers right and moral rather than in a manner that is traditionally imitative and conformist.

The alleviation of psychological problems is responsible for a reduction in the amount each of us suffer. The reduction of this suffering will lessen the dissatisfaction we feel with ourselves and our lives and will result in less violence being projected into society.

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Project-wakeupPurpose: To inspire a perceptive revolution in people by conveying the importance of observing and understanding their thoughts and emotions.

Articles, books and video talks will be used to generate the awakening of a perceptive self-enquiry.

Man works tirelessly to overcome the physical limitations on his life but lacks equal enthusiasm to overcome the psychological structure that keeps him brutal, conflictual and endlessly miserable because he has never found a feasible way of challenging it.

By explaining to people the failure of our current approaches to transforming behaviour, they will comprehend the futility of their own adopted approaches. When we understand that all the ways in which we try to control the problem are futile (escape, avoidance, suppression, analysis), we will cease to act them out.

We will now be unable to go back to the old pattern and be open to exploring a totally different approach. It is now that we can discuss the necessity and consequence of observing our thinking and facing our psychological problems.

People will respond to this discussion by observing their own thinking to find out what it means to do so. Thus, this discussion will have acted to plant the seed of perception within him.

If a person can endure the suffering of what he witnesses, then he will inevitably discover that perception has the ability to transform his psychological structure. It is not he, through perception, who transforms consciousness, but that very act of perception itself.

Once people acknowledge that they have become aware of the activity that can transform their consciousness, they will act as passionately in the psychological field as they do in the physical field.

They will undertake an independent, self-perceptive examination and be walking the path of transformation.

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Project-necessityPurpose: To create a charity that will enable people to have free access to food, water, clothing, shelter and a proper education.

A major factor responsible for social insecurity, instability and desperate behaviour is a lack of free access to food, water, clothing, shelter and education. The absence of free access to these things throughout the world is one major driving force behind the cultivation of selfishness, our traditional behaviour of putting ‘me’ first.

I am not concerned with those who exploit the benefit system to maintain their own lazy attitude. Such unproductive people are of very little significance when compared to people who work hard, so I allow such people the freedom to be lazy. Despite this, I maintain that benefits must be controlled in a manner that employs the utmost intelligence and sensitivity.

I am instead concerned with those people who live in an environment where, irrespective of how hard they work, they are denied access to the basic necessities of living a healthy life. Humanity is sufficiently advanced to end this problem and I maintain a great responsibility for making this possibility a reality.

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