Robert Marshall
14 years observing thought.
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My Purpose

To Inspire

Inspire a perceptive revolution in man through conveying the importance of observing thought.

To Educate

Discuss essential questions about the mind in order to develop a comfort in sharing the fundamental experiences of our existence with each other.

To End Suffering

To cease all psychological, therapeutic and spiritual exploitation in its entirety by bringing about an independent attitude towards solving psychological problems through the observation of oneself.

To End War

There is no enemy, war has its source solely in the ideological differences between people. By awakening a freedom from knowledge each person will be able to face contradiction without threat. Without threat there can be no violence. This requires an acknowledgement of the illusion of security and an understanding of real security.

What is the Purpose of Discussion

I have attended many talks and listened to many different groups of people discuss a wide variety of issues concerning human behaviour. Some discussions progress very smoothly and all parties seem to be on the same wavelength while other discussions exhibit a more...

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What is the Nature of our Behaviour

I am interested in whether we actually see memory in consciousness or just speculate its existence. [These are not just odd questions but one moving enquiry] Do we actually see memory in consciousness right now, or do we just see the expressions of it as thought and...

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What Facilitates Righteousness

One of the most fundamental confusions people have in life is distinguishing right from wrong. It appears that for a very long time people have sought something that will cause them to act righteously. It also appears that people have always sought this ‘something’...

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How to Begin Ending All Psychological Problems

We all experience anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, uncontrollable desire, a deep sense of inadequacy in ourselves and various other kinds of psychological problems, and seemingly no one has an answer to it. So, can I begin to solve all your psychological problems in a...

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How to Awaken Independence

Suffering with a psychological disorder is an unsettling time. It creates great uncertainty and in response to this we seek certainty, so we adopt various therapeutic doctrines embodying different psychiatric approaches in an attempt to achieve this. Initially this is...

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Are we in prison?

Are you and I in prison? Surely, the quality of a civilisation is determined not only by physical factors but by psychological factors as well, specifically the mental health of the population and the ability for the interests and passions of the individuals within...

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What is beauty?

Beauty is not a romantic or sentimental ideal, it is a real phenomenon that can be sensed consciously, but what is it and where does it originate from? It appears that, for many people, beauty is believed to be intrinsic to a material object. We hear many speak of a...

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The Real Revolution

    Many people feel the need for a dramatic change in society, because they are aware of the particular problems in our culture and the seemingly endless progression of them. It is for this reason that they talk about the need for revolution. Revolution has...

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How to Converse Without Conflict

  A great problem of our time is conflict. Mankind is a species with a great capacity and we have acquired a great deal of knowledge. We have, however, not mastered the ability of sharing this knowledge with each other without conflict. It is this that I would...

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